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Creative Tech
Hello ! My name is Alvaro De La Vega...
I am an experienced digital products consultant based in Paris currently working on the open Metaverse and the Web3.

Welcome to my personal portfolio, I am here to help you succeed with innovative projects and cutting edge implementations...

Innovative technology is often pereceived as something extremely complex and above limits. My role is to modify this perception and demystify the common idea that technology can only be understood by engineers.

I am convinced that all "means of expression" can be better served by the medium (of technology) as a natural path towards change.


I am an experienced digital products consultant with strong skills and interest for agile frameworks & innovative projects, I like delivering added value in an iterative way with user-centric approaches. I am passionate about technology and being responsible for a product and a team.
Corporate Resume

I help corporate teams build better products by improving methods, frameworks and most important by claryfing the vision for the feature teams. “Back to simplicity. Back to purity. Less, but better.”

  • Axa - Product Manager - (2021 - 2023)
    Responsible for the launch of a new application at the entreprise level of insurances services. Worked closely with different IT teams and stakeholders to deliver a new line of digital services to the benefit of the employees populations of their corporate clients. Covering the whole product cycle from discovery to delivery tackling issues in big data, access management and back-end data flows...
  • VyV Group - Delivery Manager (2020 - 2021)
    Managed the delivery of a complex user generated data platform with modern technology stacks and agnostic automatised cloud deployment...
  • DGFIP - API Product Owner (2019 - 2020)
    Conceptualized and created a fully detailed API service contract for a critical governement payments application. Managed to deliver on-time the full "swagger" markdown necessary to the further developements.
  • Societe Générale - PO & TechLead (2017 - 2019)
    Worked with the stakeholder to understand their requirements and come up with an innovative design solutions that met their needs. Than managed the entire developement & delivery cycle of the project.
  • Sorry we are Open - Projects Manager (2013 - 2014)
    Managed innovative VR and AR projects from start to finish within deadlines, ensuring that all materials were produced in a timely and accurate manner. Worked with high profile clients within the french luxury industry and ensured 100% client satisfaction.
  • Group PVCP - Product Owner (2008 - 2013)
    Participated as feature team-member to the digital transformation of the pan-european group Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs. Involved at all levels, I ensured a proper developement within this transformation process to the ecommerce websites in the southern markets. Worked closely with business units and IT teams to coordiante and prioritise the overall requirements.
  • Freelance entrepreneur - Flash Creative (1999 - 2008)
    Developed a fullfilling digital career as an independant flash programmer and creative coder. Worked with very innovative approaches to deliver richmedia experiences and interactive interfaces through the Adobe Flash proprietary platform.
Start-Ups and Entrepreneurial

A natural drive for meaning and purpose has led the way to a rich entrepreneurial mindset...

  • Futurverse - (2022)
    Work in progres around the open metaverse and Web3
  • Vegalaxy - (2012 - 2019)
    Digital consultancy firm with a wide scope of services in the web industry and digital transformation.
  • Sorry We Are Open - (2013 - 2018)
    Avant-guard VR/AR agency, proudly leading the path in the VR industry with lab research on the first "Oculus" SDK's...
  • Cesareo Designs (1999 - 2008
    Jewelry designs with cutting edge technology and innovative marketing and distribution concepts
  • Neospline (2002 - 2006)
    Digital agency with real-time renders on browser via Flash technology in the early 2000's
Skills and Education

Self-made and autodidact but very keen on challenging myself through online courses and certifications...

  • Product Owner Scrum-Agile PSPO2 2021
  • Search Marketing Expert Certificate - 2010 (Barcelona)
  • Adobe flash official certification 2004
  • Technical degree in Digital Marketing ( BTS )
  • Bachelors degree in Spanish Litterature
Front-End Development

Self taught front-end developper since the early 2000's I am passionate about creative coding in the areas of webGl and generative arts.

React & Next JS

Vue JS

ThreeJS & BabelJS

User Interface designer

Open VR/AR UX designer

Voice UI specialist

Open-AI active user/researcher
Data platform

Strong expertise in API's specifications for large scale projects, I also strongly advocate for "data platform" oriented architecutres.

Data Mesh


Moralis Web3